jerusaleman - always returning to Jerusalem

Ofer Golany was born in Jerusalem to an Iraqi father and a Polish mother

At 4 his family moved to a kibbutz and at 9 to America's university towns. Ofer started guitar at 12 with Jewish prophets Dylan Simon and Cohen. At 16 he returned to Jerusalem university and 4 years army Then off to India Thailand Nepal and back to teach in the Lifta highschool. Studied Jazz. Studied acting ..taught Music at the Nisui school....studied music therapy in Boston...played bass for deadheads and a music agent. Recorded Sometimes He Sings Sometimes He Just Plays Guitar and Postcards from San Francisco.  Summers on the streets of Europe collecting a 360 song repertoire. Married a Dutch princess and recorded Alive and Living in Holland. While she studied international law Ofer played jazz and klezmer with Chris Corstens and Makko Coster as trio WHAT?!?. 1994 he returned to the rebuilt Jerusalem opposite the Mamila pool. Since 2000 Ofer records a CD every year as JERUSALEMAN leads AKHOTKHA, a political/spiritual activist cabaret. With Nazereth Christian Arabs Nabil Abu-Nicola and Samia Ashkar as Musicians4Peace and as Conspiracy of Love with German Cellist Anglika Wagener , Berlin-Jerusalem spiritual cabaret with Yael Schueler he is once (or twice) a year in Germany. Always returning to Jerusalem where he performs 6 to 12 times a month. His latest joy is the trio יחס חם and WHAT!?! and TriOfer

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